Dear LJ

Another day

So just thought I'd stop back in again, not really sure what to write. But I want to try to keep this up again. LOL yeah right I don't think that will happen. I want to start writing again. I really want to write a smut book. I have ideas but it's hard to actually set down and write it. I really don't think anyone comes here anymore...
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Long time no post

Hello all my lovely friends that still use this thing :D

I just wanted to do a quick update. I'd really like do longer posts and more often, lol I know it's been forever since I've posted but I wanted to share my news here too.

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Think it's time for change.

I have had this journal for quite awhile, not sure that I like all the memories and stuff associated with this journal. So I'm thinking about going to BlogSpot to start blogging there. A fresh start... I still read peoples posts on here but not very many of the people use this anymore that I started over here for....
not sure... but I do want to start blogging again.

(no subject)

Hmmm, so today is another day.

I really want to try to keep up with this journal and keep updating but I don't feel like I have a lot to talk about that is important to any one.

I'm really a bit uncomfortable today, TMI, I think I'm getting a yeast infection or maybe it's just irritation from Saturday but anyway it's blah.

Watching "My sister's Keeper." I really like the movie, it's sad.

Work was good, busy tho and didn't get finished but what do you do? What's with everyone buying cars??? I mean we have done a lot of loans lately.

And my "carpet burned" chin, lol, itches more than I can even begin to tell you... it sucks!

well not much to say right now...
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Hello all, I have been meaning to post but it's been a bit crazy.

A few weeks ago I got to meet my lovely boyfriend in person :D I know that sounds crazy that we've sorta been on and off since Sept. 2010 but just met. It was awesome! :) I love him so much. This might be a bit TMI but don't like it don't read farther! We made out for hours!! and um he got a bit "touchy" which was kinda crazy just meeting. but it was a lot of fun and I <3 him so damn much. I just wish we lived closer together but an hour isn't too far to drive for love.

So I guess my sister's boyfriend hit her the other night when they got into a fight, I wanted so bad to go and knock his teeth in.

Well I know that's a short update but I really need to go get ready for work right now...

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Hello, *waves*

Hello all!!! :D I so miss you guys!!! so much has been going on lately. Don't have time at the moment for a proper update, maybe when I get finished cleaning up the room. :o) until then.
rain falling

Come back???

Is thinking about coming back to LJ but not sure yet, I want to get a feel for if there is anyone that would still be interested in reading my journal?? if so please comment on this post and we'll see..


With deepest regret I am here to announce that this journal will no longer be used. I have been fighting with the idea of leaving LJ for awhile and now that my journal paid journal time is running out I will be leaving the Journal scene. I am sorry to those communities I have been in and all those I have made friends with but I just feel that my time here is up. I have gotten myself into stuff that takes up more time than I can afford and now i have to say goodbye. I will check back within the week for any replies to anyone that would like to stay in touch. comments will be screened.... i am for the time being keeping my facebook ....